Raegan and Taylor's Wedding

Raegan and Taylor are so meant for each other!! This wedding had a lot of emotional significance for everyone involved, from the stress of changing venues within 24 hours of the wedding, flying in friends from North Dakota and Finland, to everyone working so hard to make the space look incredible! The Fast and Quinn family are so unbelievably incredible. I had the amazing opportunity to help with the wedding set up and be an errand runner for the whole wedding and I loved the job because even when stress makes the mountain so hard to climb, the view from the top is breathtaking. That is exactly how this amazing wedding was, it was filled with so much love, fun, tears, and happiness. Raegan and Taylor spent an amazing last weekend with friends and family before moving across the country to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. These two people have so much love in their hearts and for everyone to be able to give that love back to them and make this day the perfect day was incredible to watch!​

Photography: Dani Marie Photography


instagram: @daniemarie_photography


Hair: Heidi Garrett


instagram: @heidimariegarrett


Makeup:  Chelsea McCalley

instagram: @eden.and.oak


Florals: Botanique Floral Artistry


instagram: @botanique_floral_artistry


Calligraphy: Rosy Avenue Calligraphy


instagram: @rosyavenue_calligraphy


Desserts: The Chef's table

instagram: @thechefsknifecookies


Caterer: The Painted Table


instagram: @paintedtablefresno


DJ: Roetography


instagram: @roetography


Rentals: Action Equipment and Event Rentals


instagram: @action_event_rentals


Venue: Wowona Packing House

Video: Chelsea McCalley

instagram: @eden.and.oak

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